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Music is a living entity, and it is up to artists to make music filled with emotion come to life for audiences.

Music is portrayed from the artist to the listener, and I strive to connect with the audience in such a manner that they feel the emotions that I expose through my playing.

I'm dedicated and obsessed with honing my craft and artistry, in pursuit of using my instrument as my voice to share my music with all audiences. Through this, I invite everyone to come along with me on my journey in freely expressing myself in the form of music.


My primary goal is to help students develop a positive relationship with music, with the hope that their love for their art will inspire them to pay it forward in spreading the joy of music within their communities. I hope that through my own love for music, my students will form their own artistic perceptions of music that speak to them as individuals.


I strive to provide the highest quality of education for all students regardless of background, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, gender, and others. I want to help students gain access to opportunities similar to the ones I've experienced, thanks to the dedication of my own mentors and teachers through the years. Now more than ever our communities crave unity, and music serves as the perfect vehicle to enact positive change– student by student.


As students often emulate characteristics of their teachers, I also will strive to push myself to be an effective communicator, promoting healthy and productive approaches to navigate through our life endeavors as musicians. I want my students to feel safe in my studio, allowing them to express themselves in any shape or form. Through this, I envision my studio being supportive, inquisitive, to listen, reflect, and to apply the skills they have learned into their own personal lives in an effort to create lifelong relationships.


I aim to help my students develop the patience and discipline it takes to hone their artistry and craft. This road is undoubtedly long and sometimes difficult, but the process itself is rewarding and will help students foster a greater sense of achievement in more than one area of life.

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